Welcome to a Blog all About Naturally Curly and Coily Hair!

Welcome to a blog all about naturally curly and coily hair!
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Curling Sisterlocks

The first few months of my mom's hair journey, she was braiding or curling her sisterlocks over night to create a style for the next day.  It worked for a while, but it became very uncomfortable to sleep in rollers or braids.  It was actually giving her headaches at night.  Then, she tried using a curling iron on a small lock of her hair.  Mistake!! It actually singed and burned out the lock!  So, that was a real quick lesson.  Absolutely, DO NOT use any sort of high heat on sisterlocks. 

One morning back in November, I stopped by my mom's house.  She was wearing hair curlers.  I thought she had gone back to sleeping in rollers.  I should have known this wouldn't be that case.  My mom is a hair stylist, so she's always trying something new on her hair.  Instead of using regular rollers, these were warm curlers. Once they are placed in the plastic case (pictured above), they would become warm.  When you see the ready signal, you can put the curlers in your hair and leave them in for about twenty minutes. Your curl should last all day.  I actually remember using something like this on my relaxed hair some years back.  They were wonderful for giving me a light curl without damaging my hair.  So why not try them on sisterlocks?  I thought is was a great idea.
Of course I asked her to send me a few pictures of the outcome.  She sent me these pictures in December.  I know what you are thinking.  That was a while ago!  I know it took me forever to post these pictures.  Better late than never...right?  I just had to share this one because there may be someone out there that has the same issue.  I've seen similar types of curlers at lots of stores.  So they should be pretty easy to find.  This is a quick solution and it's a very clever way to get the style without having to deal with sleeping uncomfortably.  It turned out cute!  Her locks have really filled in and become full.  This was the reason she decided to get sisterlocks in the first place!  Goal accomplished.  Now, she's looking forward to more length. 
Stay tuned!  I will have another interview and length check posted soon!

Until then...Curl Love forever! ;-)


hairgrease said...

Do you know what the brand/product name for these rollers is? I've never seen flexible steam rollers, nor steam rollers that are long and thin like this.


Curl Love said...

They are called Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 20 piece Hot Sticks. I have to make sure to pick up some for myself too. They look so easy. The only place I have seen them is on the Internet. I hope this helps.

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