Welcome to a Blog all About Naturally Curly and Coily Hair!

Welcome to a blog all about naturally curly and coily hair!
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Heatless Styles: Curlformers Vs. Flexirods

My favorite quick, go-to hairstyle has always been the wash-and-go.  However, I have been looking for different ways to wear my hair.  Being able to switch it up when I have time is always nice.  Also, I really wanted to find heatless ways to stretch my hair.  I started noticing that the longer my hair got the more it shrunk and the more tangles I would experience.  More tangles means more slit ends and more trims to get rid of the split ends.  I want to retain more length.  My only solution is to stretch my hair enough to keep my hair from knotting on the ends.  My research brought me to curl formers and flexirods.  I tried both to decide which one was best for me.  For each I used the usual technique cowash, deep condition, hot oil treatment, and Tresseme Naturals with one addition As I Am Curling Jelly for extra hold.  Because I used the curling jelly,  I used a lot less Tresseme Naturals. It was used more as a light leave-in than a styler.

Curl formers

I found some off-brand, less expensive curl formers on sale from on Amazon.  The real curl formers were about $70.  These were only about $14, so I gave them a try.  Once I got them, I had to watch a few videos to make sure I had the right technique.  After a couple of practice sections, I was ready to do my entire head. I used small sections because I didn't want my hair to take forever to air dry.  It was just as easy as it looks in the videos.  I had to redo about three in the beginning.  All in all, it took me about 30 minutes. They are made of a mesh material which allows air to circulate through them, so my hair was dry by morning.  The only pitfall was going to bed in them.  Sleeping in them was not comfortable at all!  Plus, as my hair dried, they actually got tighter and more uncomfortable.  For this reason, I would not do them every week.  Truthfully, I really have to be in the mood to have my sleep disrupted!  Other than that, I loved them.  It was a nice change.  I had a lot fewer tangles with the curl formers and the curls lasted about four days.  I got lots of compliments and people asking what I had done to my hair.  It was worth it and I will surely do them again.

I actually didn't have to buy these.  I borrowed a few that my mother had on hand.  I already knew how to use these so there were no instructional videos needed.  The first thing I noticed was that they didn't pull my roots as tight as the curl formers.  At first, I thought that would be a good thing because the curl formers were uncomfortable for sleeping.  I couldn't use more than about 25 of them because the have a tendency to get too crowded, which caused me to use bigger sections than the curl formers.  Also, in order to keep them in place, I had to roll my hair so that it was more compacted on the rod, which made me concerned about whether my hair would be dry by morning.  To my surprise, sleeping was actually more uncomfortable than the curl formers.  I didn't realize that in my attempts to make them snug to my head, I also made them super uncomfortable.  I had to get out of bed at least four times to fix them so I could sleep.  I was annoyed to say the least!  However, I was determined to see it  through.  By morning, I checked them to see if they were dry.  As I expected, since they were more compact air was not able to circulate and they were only about half way dry.  I had someplace to go, so I had to get under a hooded dryer for about 45 minutes to dry my hair the rest of the way.  The curls were about the same as the curl formers.  However, my roots were not as straight and neat as the curl formers.  I ended up having to separate them a lot in order to hide the frizzy spots.  They lasted about four days just like the curl formers and my hair was less tangled on the ends.

All in all, I would say that the curl formers are my favorite.  I will be giving back the flexirods and never borrowing them again.  I am so happy I purchased the curl formers.  They will be a great addition to my heatless styles!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sisterlocks: One Year and Eight Months

About three years ago, my mother decided to start her sisterlock hair journey.  The first step was to grow out her chemical texturizer.  A style that she had relied on for many years.  The eleven months before that very first appointment were filled with feelings of excitement as she saw pictures of people who had sisterlocks for many years.  She was in awe of how beautiful they were and she couldn't wait to get her own.  At times, she was also worried if she was making the right decision. By April 2012, she anxiously made her very first sisterlock appointment. 

The first month or two, the sisterlocks really looked nothing like what you would expect any locks to look, but she hung in there.  One of the first things that she noticed was that her hair began to shrink on itself.  Basically, instead of seeing much growth for the first 6 months, her hair seemed to not grow much at all. Her hair was actually growing and shrinking on itself to create the look that locks have. She followed all the recommended steps and about 3 months later they began to look more and more like sisterlocks.  An added bonus was that her hair started to thicken in all the areas where the texturizer had cause her hair to thin.  Instantly, she was hooked!

Summer 2012 about 4 months after the initial appointment

One year later

Now one year and eight months later, my mom"s sisterlocks are absolutely beautiful.  She has jazzed them up a bit with a color and all the texturized ends have been completely removed.  Now her hair is a no brainer! It's so easy, I don't think she ever go back to a texturizer! 

One year and eight months later

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays!

If you haven't already noticed I've been on a bit of a hiatus for some time now.  Life has taken me on some interesting twists and turns.  From vacations and get-togethers to sicknesses and work stress, I can surely say that this has been an exciting year.  Through all the ups and downs, writing has taken the back burner for a while.  That certainly doesn't mean that I have neglected my hair.  For about 5 months or so, I went from strictly twist-outs back to wash-and-go's and buns simply because they are easy and they take very little time to complete.  When you are stressed, your hair is the last thing you want to worry about.  However, I still used the same technique co-wash, deep condition and a hot oil treatment, but when it comes to styling wash-n-go's are still super easy. 

My hair hasn't been totally boring.  I've tried a few new techniques, products and styles.  Some of these have become my favorites, while others were a big mistake.  My plan is to share all of these experiences with you in the near future :-).  I am still on this journey and loving every minute of the highs and lows.

Until next time....Curl Love forever!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Twist and Curl

I have been getting really bored with my hair lately.  Mixing it up between the wash and go and twist-out has not been cutting it.  So, I had to try something new.  I've been really curious about how my hair would turn out with a twist and curl style.  I've tried this style years ago when I was transitioning, but it always seemed to come out very dry with a weird shape.  Back then, I didn't know anything about the Curly Girl method.  I've come to realize that it may not have been my hair that was the problem.  It may have been the products I used.   I used to use Pantene shampoo and conditioner faithfully and I styled it with mousse as needed.  Those products seemed to work well when it came to my relaxed hair but I rarely got the results I wanted for my natural hair.  I could never understand why. 

Now years later, I thought it was worth giving it another a try as long as I didn't have anywhere to go.  Just in case it was another epic fail.  This time around I used the same exact method I normally use for my twist-out (click here to get the details on my twist-out regimen).  The only difference is that I put perm rods on the end of each twist, which turned out to be about 30 in all.  I made sure to strategically roll each rod to a place that would give me a desired shape.  I was going for a curl that cascaded downward from front to back.  The last professional trim I had over a year ago was a layered cut, so that also helped me get the shape I wanted.  I decided not to sit under the dryer because I have found that it really dries out my hair.  So, for this to work, I needed to have enough time for it to air dry. 

I did the style early on a Sunday and let it air dry while I cooked and cleaned.  I have to say the perm rods were slightly annoying to wear all day.  Of course my kids thought they were funny looking.  My husband wasn't a fan of my chosen look for the day.  Regardless, I was determined not to sit under the drier.  I had put too much time and effort into this just to have it fail again.

When I got up this morning I took my hair down.  I thought it was a success.  The weight from the rods on the ends stretched my hair just enough to give me more length without losing too much volume.  I also like the big fluffy curl I got with the rods as opposed to the tiny straw like curls I naturally have.  I think I will try the pineapple for bed tonight.  The Tresseme Naturals gave me a very light hold so I will be interested to see how long it lasts.  Overall, I really liked it and it was super easy.  I will definitely try it again.

Also, Curl Love is now on Instagram under the name curl_love.  Be sure to follow me!  See you there!

Until next time.....Curl Love Forever ;-)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Curling Sisterlocks

The first few months of my mom's hair journey, she was braiding or curling her sisterlocks over night to create a style for the next day.  It worked for a while, but it became very uncomfortable to sleep in rollers or braids.  It was actually giving her headaches at night.  Then, she tried using a curling iron on a small lock of her hair.  Mistake!! It actually singed and burned out the lock!  So, that was a real quick lesson.  Absolutely, DO NOT use any sort of high heat on sisterlocks. 

One morning back in November, I stopped by my mom's house.  She was wearing hair curlers.  I thought she had gone back to sleeping in rollers.  I should have known this wouldn't be that case.  My mom is a hair stylist, so she's always trying something new on her hair.  Instead of using regular rollers, these were warm curlers. Once they are placed in the plastic case (pictured above), they would become warm.  When you see the ready signal, you can put the curlers in your hair and leave them in for about twenty minutes. Your curl should last all day.  I actually remember using something like this on my relaxed hair some years back.  They were wonderful for giving me a light curl without damaging my hair.  So why not try them on sisterlocks?  I thought is was a great idea.
Of course I asked her to send me a few pictures of the outcome.  She sent me these pictures in December.  I know what you are thinking.  That was a while ago!  I know it took me forever to post these pictures.  Better late than never...right?  I just had to share this one because there may be someone out there that has the same issue.  I've seen similar types of curlers at lots of stores.  So they should be pretty easy to find.  This is a quick solution and it's a very clever way to get the style without having to deal with sleeping uncomfortably.  It turned out cute!  Her locks have really filled in and become full.  This was the reason she decided to get sisterlocks in the first place!  Goal accomplished.  Now, she's looking forward to more length. 
Stay tuned!  I will have another interview and length check posted soon!

Until then...Curl Love forever! ;-)

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